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And the Birth in Bethlehem?

It is a magnificent terrestrial symbol, not a historic and scientific reality.
Besides, flesh is only a veil and matter a shadow…. Born of a virgin by a spiritual radiation, Christ’s body could only be spiritual. This body which could fast for forty days, glide like a cloud among crowds, walk on the sea as on marble and float like a feather in the splendour of the Tabor, was more ethereal than a human body.
It was a sidereal, psychical, angelic body. His Bethlehem was Heaven. His crib was the tabernacle of God.

What is Christmas?

It is the anniversary of the birth of perfect mankind. 'Emmanuel': 'God with us'. God living within mankind! Mankind at last made human, that is what this blessed day reveals: and men have only made of that an inhuman religion and a damned mankind!

Who are Christ and Mary?

Raymonde Bézerza, a Cathar woman burnt in 1270 proclaimed:
'Christ did not have a real human body, nor real human flesh. The Virgin Mary was not really God’s mother' (Doat 25, p.57).
The Cathar Church is the 'real Virgin Mary, truly penitent, chaste and virgin, who gives birth to Sons of God.'
Mary is the human personification of the divine Wisdom, of the Light manifested by reflection. She is the divine aspect of the 'Word becoming flesh' and participates in all the glories of Jesus Christ.
The Virgin Mary is thus the mother of the Cathar Church, just as John is the delegate of Christ on earth.
'Woman, here is your son! Son, here is your mother', he said on the cross.

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