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And What about Satan?

Why would Satan be the only outcast excluded from Salvation?
God is love! Christ will bring the great outlaw back to Heaven, consoled.

Is Satan not evil? Does absolute, substantial evil exist?

Where would it be, as God is the absolute, substantial, infinite Good?
Evil is independent from God. It is non-being established in time,
outside of the divine creation.

Is there not any everlasting punishment? Nor everlasting suffering? Nor

O beloved son, the Earth is a huge purgatory, the hospital of sick humankind! God being eternal love, where would hell be?
The Wise Men, who knew well the sacred Egyptian hieroglyphs, have taught us that after the crime of Typhon, who made Isis a widow, God gave men an inner eye to contemplate the Truth. That eye teaches them to avoid evil.

Thus, ‘Hell is the remorse of the conscience’ (Origen).

Talk to us about the Paraclete!

The Paraclete is the Consoler promised by Christ, the ultimate Revealer, the celestial Creator of Perfection, the Regenerator of the world until the end of times.

He is the founder of the Church of the Spirit, the source of purity, holiness, and celestial Love. His people are ‘that dew born out of the Dawn, the Pure Ones, the Saints, the Consoled, the Friends of God’.

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