Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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Catharism: an Example of a High Spirituality for our times.

Catharism formed in Europe, mainly in the north of the Mediterranean Sea, a kind of crown of civilisation inspired by ‘pure Christian Love’.

Indeed they tried to create the most favourable spiritual conditions for the practice of a sanctified life, based on deep Christian values: trust in the power of Spirit in man.

Rejection of lies, judgment, illusion and ignorance.
Search for the truth in everything.
Pardon and forgiveness of offences.
Tolerance and non-violence.

The Cathars had certainly a civilizing and reconciling influence.
Through their life of abnegation and love, they opened the fastest way to the ‘accomplishment of Christ in man’.

One can say that the values of Spirit and soul enlightened those countries for two centuries and were recognised in the whole of society.
They expressed themselves in the values of ‘sharing’, dear to the Occitanians of the Raimondine period:
feeling of honour related to the worship of the divine Spirit, a spark of which dwells within human beings;
respect of the given word in honour of the Word, represented by Christ;
respect of the other: bearing testimony to the splendour of the soul in all the experiences of life (the offering of oneself to the soul and the Spirit);
the ideal of purity and perfection; the spirit of sacrifice that only the Love of God could fulfill.

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