Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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   Catharism: a High Spirituality  
   The Light Shines Again!  
   The Elder Brothers  
   The Galaad Monument  
   Conquering the Light  
   The Mysteries are Revealed  
   Ancient and Christian Mysteries  
   Gnosis and Initiation  
   Christian Rosycross  
   Final Redemption  
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Christian Rosycross

A fruitful era can only begin for the secret science in the Occident with the elusive ‘Rozenkreutz’, Christian Rosycross, the great restorer of the Rosycross in the fourteenth century.

He had the genius to foresee the necessity of a link between Christian mysticism and the nascent science and to understand the importance of combining Occidental and Oriental science. This was in order to bridge a gap that was being hollowed out in the human mind and to prepare a buffer against the great blows of the future.

We can say that the great occult philosophers of the fourteenth century were inspired by his regenerating spirit.

The great idea leading these scientists and bold seekers is the absolute relationship, the deep harmony, between the microcosm and the macrocosm, i.e. between man and the universe. The reigning hierarchy in the order of the universe – mineral, vegetable, animal and human – is in accordance with the hierarchy of the forces in the constitution of man – physical, etheric or vital, astral or dynamic, and the conscious ego. Man, part of the entire universe, is thus the image of God.

This is a discovery of an immeasurable scope and the radiating center of esoteric truth. It is obvious that this truth is reflected unquestionably in the images and symbols of ancient mythologies. But the fourteenth century philosophers have, for the first time, demonstrated and presented it on a scientific basis.

With them, intuitive insight was combined with reasoned consciousness.

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