Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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Death and Resurrection

In Bethlehem the resurrection of the divine soul imprisoned in the grave of nature, kept tightly within the bounds of the natural body, is celebrated. It was the resurrection of Lazarus, who is, according to Gadal, no one else but John, Jesus’ beloved disciple. His death is the ultimate level of initiation enabling the divine soul to free itself from its link with the material envelope.

The candidate is now ready to face the last part of his initiation: the sacrifice of his life, the supreme goal of his long preparation. He still had not achieved the annihilation of matter, the act of ‘giving back to the dust what is only dust’.

He had to die according to his old nature, before rising into the Spirit.
The material body and its longings being vanquished, the soul had already learned to fly away through the Path of the Stars. It has now to make the perfect offering of its life, to become united with the ‘Life of Christ’, to ‘imitate’ its divine Master.

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