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Formation, Reformation, Transformation

Gadal often attended meetings, seminars or lectures gathering together many spiritual seekers of all ages. One day, at the end of a lecture where he had shown the harmony and oneness of the Inner Teaching of Liberation, as addressed to men ever since the beginning through Hermes and Moses to the Apostle John and which has reached its fullness in Christ, he said this:

‘I am particularly addressing the young people. They are the hope of the future.

We have explained to them:
- the influence on spiritual development (formation) of the great silences, of the great horizons, of the huge bowels of the earth where the human being feels so small… when facing the marvels of the Creator;
- the reformation of matter during the days of initiation (hard days, long and austere) with the purpose of leading to a right insight of
- the transformation (after the sanctification in Christ), through the complete sacrifice of man.

These explanations show “the sinuosity of the Way to the Holy Grail” that we must follow necessarily for the three necessary phases of our life:
Formation, Reformation and Transformation
and we thus show them “the Light breaking through the darkness”.

Keep well our motto, my young friends. And, if, by any chance, you may have some moments of weariness or discouragement, think of the pure stone from heaven, the Lapis ex coelis (the Grail) and repeat with Love: LUX LUCET IN TENEBRIS…
“The Light shines in the darkness” (John 1:5).’

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