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God is Love

God is love.

These words often resounded in the mouths of the Perfect Ones, the ‘Bonshommes’, the ‘Good Men’.

They best define the great principle of the Cathar spirituality, the essence of their doctrine.

Since the universal creation is perfect – as God’s work can only be perfect – anything that escapes the universal law of Love and which falls into ‘earthly development’ always has the possibility of finding again the path of Perfection.

‘By their repentance, the souls participate in the blessing of the universal Redemption, whose Goodness does not even exclude Lucibel, “the fallen archangel”’ (Origen).

Within the religion of love

- no eternal damnation: all will come back one day to the original Kingdom, even Lucibel, the fallen archangel;
- no hell after death: hell is down here, on earth and in man’s consciousness who has forgotten his origin, who wanders, fights against all and everything and suffers countless pains;
- no vengeful God, the sword bearer, who judges and punishes, but the light force of Christ, the Sword of Love, which reaches for the human soul lost amidst the darkness of life;
- violence and suffering are the weapons of evil;
- only the divine soul, born of a heart purified by the Light, puts off the fire of hell, dissipates darkness and ignorance and changes evil into good.

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