Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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Kyot (Guyot) of Provins: an Initiate Troubadour

Prior to Chrétien de Troyes, there existed an ancient version of ‘Perceval’, the work of the troubadour Kyot (or Guyot) from Provins, in Champagne. He discovered in old parchments at Toledo University – where the Arab-Jewish culture of Spain shone at its brightest – the golden thread of his Perceval. Chrétien de Troyes and Kyot used to attend lectures in Toulouse, Carcassonne, Foix and Aragon.

Gadal tells us:

‘Kyot, the famous master, discovered in Toledo the first source of his tale. It is a pagan, Flegetanis, renowned for his science, a physician descendant of Solomon, who first spoke about it. He noticed with his own eyes in the constellations mysterious signs about which he talked only with fear. He asserted the existence of a wonder whose name, Grail, appeared to him clearly written in the sky. A legion of angels deposited it on the earth, then went back high up above into heaven. In the hands of a sinner, it would disappear; so from then on, only a pure race could be its guardian; it only accepts in its presence those who are ennobled to it.’

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