Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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Marcos of Memphis

As early as the fourth century, following the paths taken by the Asks, Marcos (or Mark) came from Memphis, bringing the cult of the Spirit which follows the cart of the sun (Sulpicius Severus – II, 40-51).

Marcos was Alexandrian, of the descent of Origen. He claimed to belong to the ‘Seven Churches of Asia’. His patriarch was John of Patmos (St. John) and also Bartholomew, apostle to India and Persia. His spiritual filiation goes back to Montanus, 141 CE.

It was the Church of the Spirit, the Mani (mens, manas: Spirit) and of Knowledge (Gnosis), the Church of Love, of the Paraclete, a pure branch in the great forest of Gnosticism.

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