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To Open the Source

Since time immemorial, that source has often been symbolised by a sacred cup, the Grail. Its possession ensures immortality, perfect healing. Was it not identified with the cup in which Jesus soaked the bread during the Last Supper?

Some have speculated or imagined that the Cathars opened that source by some magical or occult processes, secret rites, invocations or in another way. But the source only flows when the inner conditions are fulfilled, when the soul is actually reborn in the human being, when it lives again in him.

And Judas who had drunk from it with an impure heart fled into the night to betray!
Whoever drinks from the holy cup is forced to reveal himself. That is why the Grail has always been the symbol of revelation, of purity.

An antique legend says also that Joseph of Arimathea had gathered and kept in a cup a few drops from the pierced flank of the crucified Jesus. The cup, the Grail, becomes here a symbol of perfect sacrifice, of self-offering.

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