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Origin of the Stone

The hermit Trevrizent recalls for him the origin of the stone:

‘While Lucifer, ambitious and arrogant, full of immoderate desires, was cast out of heaven, when falling from heaven, he chipped the corner of a star: which fragments rolled within space and were stopped by the earth. Stone from heaven, pure and perfect stone since it fell from heaven; it was the Lapis ex Caelis of the Grail!

The Angels, though rightful and good, who refrained from fighting with Lucifer against the Trinity, were sent on the earth, for the keeping of the stone, whose purity is unapproachable. God took them back from below. Ever since, its keeping has been given to those God has chosen!’

Image of Perfection

The Holy Grail and the Lapis ex Caelis are both images of the perfection of the divine Master, Christ. Through the Quest of the Grail, it is the path that must lead to purity. For the Knight Templar and for the Perfect, Cathar or Rosicrucian, it is the supreme goal of initiation.

For the Cathar, the path to the Holy Grail was long, over four years spent in the Centre: it was hard and stern, the caves offering only silence, meditation, prayer and the roughness of the rocks. Patience, courage, ‘Endura’.

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