Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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   Who Is Antonin Gadal?  
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The Man with Prerememberance

Gadal had no doubt that behind the official history, the undeniable signs of the presence of a deep spiritual current could be read, that one tried to destroy.
Behind the tragic unfolding of historical events, he could already perceive quite a different adventure, a spiritual one, in which each character, each place, or vestige, was a sign, a step of a spiritual quest toward the Kingdom of the Spirit.
He was obsessed by the Cathar ‘prerememberance’. ‘Prerememberance’ is a Gnostic term that evokes the idea of a subconscious link with the reality of an inner spiritual world, beyond appearances. A lost and forgotten kingdom of light.

Antonin Gadal looked for traces of what he felt was something enormous. Deeply intuitive, this man of heart unearthed the deep spirit of Catharism and revealed some essential aspects of the initiatory progression of the ‘Perfect Ones’, the different stages of which he described. In the valley of the Ariège, the vestiges, sites and symbols he discovered enabled him to give prominence to what may be called ‘Cathar sanctuaries’.
He devoted his life to their study and protection.

The old Patriarch of the Sabarthes, Adolphe Garrigou, had, very early, enflamed in the young Gadal a conscious ‘prerememberance’. He thought he had found in him a worthy heir, able to save a part of the heritage of Cathar wisdom. When he died, his secrets did not disappear into his tomb with him: he had already trained, ‘initiated’ his disciple.

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