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So, the mission of Christ was not only to enlighten and broaden life on earth but also to enlighten mankind as to life after death. But the essence of this mission was to infuse the hearts of the Apostles with the certitude of spiritual resurrection. In essence, his mission was to enter into the hearts of the Apostles whose task it was to spread His teaching throughout the world. After Christ's resurrection had been accomplished for Himself, he had to be resurrected in and through the Apostles. The fact of this resurrection had to become the guideline for the future.

The resurrection of Christ was a pledge of the resurrection of the souls as well as of faith in the other divine life. However, the apostles were not overwhelmed suddenly by that faith. Rather it had to penetrate them as a voice in order that they could be persuaded in their deepest hearts; indeed, it was transmitted as a breath of life.

After his death, the reappearances of Christ grew progressively stronger and stronger so as to produce the desired effect. By the tomb, the words were spoken: ‘Mary!… Do not touch me!… Go and tell the Apostles that I am resurrected!’
To the eleven gathered, doors closed, in a house in Jerusalem, proposing a meeting in Galilee; to the pathos of Emmaus at dusk, divine healer of souls, kindling their faith again; to the beaches of the Lake of Tiberias, preparing Peter and John for their destiny; and finally for the last time on a Galilean mountain, uttering the supreme words: ‘Go and preach the Gospel to all nations…. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’
The Master’s solemn farewell!

Later, once more, Christ appears in a striking manner to his enemy, Paul, on the way to Damascus, causing Paul to become his most powerful defender. From the victory of the light, from the vision and the powerful word, thus the mission of the ‘Apostle to the Gentiles’ will come forth and convert the Greco-Roman world to Christ – and through it, all the western world.

The divine radiation, intensified by the process of ‘spiritual resurrection’, gave birth to the first Christian communities, and this process was everything for them. They believed that all of humanity's past, encompassing all religions, ancient initiations and science that had developed in Asia, Egypt and Greece, had merged with the Greco-Roman decadence. Christ alone existed!

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