Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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 Who Is Antonin Gadal?  
   Who Is Antonin Gadal?  
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   Showing the Way  
 The Source  
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 Pyrenean Catharism  
 The Catharism and Its Origins  
 The Mystery of the Caves  
 The Grail in the Pyrenees  
 Grail, Cathars and Rosycross  
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Showing the Way

In Gadal we find more than historical truth; we find ‘enlightenment’; more than a poet or mystic; we find a ‘man who knows’, a ‘Gnostic’. The beloved Patriarch of the Sabarthes, the land of his forefathers, is also the opener of paths, the pioneer of a new vision of Occitan Catharism.

This man, so simple in appearance, who played no major role on the world stage, accumulated no wealth for himself, but through his entire life, always tried to restore a treasure to us.

With his usual modesty, he liked to say: ‘These are our own spiritual riches, which are returned to us at last!’

And he added with the strength born of inner knowledge: ‘You have a task to accomplish; you have to show what mankind has lost for centuries. You have to console our compatriots and show them the way! They have gotten lost.’

He often consoled his friends, in the way of the ‘Bonhommes’ of the old days, telling them to ‘endure’ both physical and moral suffering. He understood so well the value of the Endura (‘Endura’ is a Cathar term that describes the process of purification to which someone must submit when in search for the ‘Living Spirit’, on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels).

Let’s now trace the path before us and let us open this window!

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