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Pyrenean Catharism

Aquitaine is the territory lying between the Loire river, the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean.

The people of Aquitaine’s ancient origins are: the Asks, Gasks, Euscarians, Eusks, Volsks, Vacceans who had left the Himalayas two thousand years before Christ. Caucasus, Ide, Taurus, Lebanon, Atlas are the granite milestones of their migration to the West (the Bible tells us about their patriarch Ashkenaz, Gomer’s son, Japhet’s grandson, in Genesis 10:3).

The Iliad talks to us about another Askenas: the hero Ascanios (II, verse 862). Ascania was allied with Troy. Iberia, Ascania, was their land, Ascalon was their city, Askera their Goddess. From Atlas, they invaded Spain, western Iberia.
From the Pyrenees, they overflowed to Aquitaine, Gaul, Italy, the Mediterranean and islands in the ocean.
Ireland is an Iberia; Scotland, Northern Ascania; they named Albion, the maritime Ascania; in Italy, Ascanios founds Alba, Rome’s mother city; but, already, Gascus, the volcanoes’ son, lives in the caverns of the Adventin and fights Hercules, thief of the Iberian cows (Aeneid, Book VIII).

The Asks worship the fire of the sun. The heliacal sun rite leads them to the cult of the Word and the Spirit. Their Christianity is without any official priesthood. The father is the priest, the patriarch is the pontiff: there is no theocracy.

Text adapted from ‘Races et peuples antiques’ by Antonin Gadal.

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