Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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The Connecting Link

It is not so much the Cathar history that Gadal wishes to revive, but rather to find here the still missing link between the initiation legacy of the Cathars and nowadays.

Gadal wishes to find in this world human beings who could form that connecting link with the rich Cathar spiritual past; men and women spiritually sensitive and apt to receive that inner, immaterial Cathar ‘treasure’ and to vivify it in the present time. True heirs, conscious of their heritage!

There certainly were, in France or elsewhere, broadminded human beings who possessed the soul qualities and wisdom that would have awakened them to the unique universal life; who would then aspire to that imperishable treasure of the light and would have enough love of mankind to undertake to bring that knowledge to their consciousness.

Antonin Gadal finally met them. They were a man and a woman of Dutch origin: Jan Leene and Mrs. Henny Stok-Huizer. In the Netherlands, they had founded a school of thought, a Gnostic Brotherhood, the Golden Rosycross.

The historic meeting was prepared in 1946, in Albi, in the 'Rose Garden' of the large fortified courtyard of a lordly building overlooking the Tarn river. It finally took place in 1954, in Ussat-les-Bains. That meeting sealed the alliance of the Brotherhood of the Holy Grail, the Cathars and the Rosycross.

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