Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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The Empire of Love in the Storm

Toulouse becomes the holy city, the pure, but it will not give its name to Aquitainian Catharism; that honour will be for Albi. The council of Lombers (1166) will condemn, under the name of Albigensian, all the sects which wandered from the Roman dogma. Thus we hear of the ‘crusade of the Albigensians’ which had as its goal: the annihilation of Pyrenean Catharism, of Aquitainian Maneism!

During the awful episodes of the crusades, in the large Aquitaine territory, will be born a garland of dazzling women: Lampagie of Aquitaine, Esclarmonde de Foix, Alasaïs of Carcassonne, Indie of Alep, Melissande of Tripoli; and beside them, their brothers, the paladins of the Spirit, the knights of the Consoler: Ramon-Roger of Foix (nicknamed the Cathar Roland), Roger Bernard (called ‘the Great’) Loup of Foix (Prince of the earldom of Foix who became a ‘Perfect’).

Some places will become famous: Béziers, Minerve, Lavaur, Montségur, the Sabarthez!

The heavy-handed Capetians, loyal and submitted to the Roman Church, will put down with a leaden hand the ingenious, poetic, chivalrous, ideal-loving Aquitaine.

The empire of love in Occitania will be for centuries ahead covered with a layer of oblivion. But the Holy Grail will live! Its eternal path in Christ leads to the tracks of the ancestors: their cities and their manors, their sepulchers and the caves of the ‘Saints’. The forests of the ‘unfortunate “faidits” of the woods’, the battle fields, the route of the Crusaders, the earth and the sky: incorruptible witnesses!

‘God is Love’

Their beautiful call has remained engraved on the whole earth.

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