Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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What Is the Golden Rosycross?

What is this Spiritual School that Gadal had joined and over the French section of which he later presided? (He became the first president of the Association Lectorium Rosicrucianum France, the official name taken by the Golden Rosycross.)

The Golden Rosycross was born in the Netherlands in 1924, in Haarlem, hence its name: ‘The Haarlem Rosycross’. Haarlem was, like Amsterdam, a refugee city which, in the past, welcomed many ‘heretics’, those who were persecuted in their own countries. The very place where the School settled – in the old city of Haarlem, had seen the presence of spiritual groups that were close to the Cathars.

The seventeenth century Rosicrucians, numerous in the Netherlands, wished to bring back to Christianity, the depth of its initiation, that is the inner power of realisation which had been distorted by centuries of ignorance and compromises.

Issuing from that spiritual stream, Europe was offered a synthesis between faith and reason, between science and religious experience. (From this spiritual stream emerge the names of Jacob Böhme, Johann Valentin Andreae and Comenius, Eckartshausen, etc….) The Golden Rosycross was and is not a closed gathering of esotericists or occultists with sonorous titles and extraordinary backgrounds. Discreetly , it neither pursues material goals in this world nor envisages any occult or mystical development such as an extension of ‘paranormal powers’.

The Spiritual School gave itself the task of leading those whose desire is strong enough, to the state of the true man. This is according to Christ’s example; to the rebirth of the soul and to its resurrection in the original lifefield or the Kingdom of Light. It thus teaches the process that leads to its achievement. .

This to accomplish the evangelical mission:
‘I said : “You are gods!”’
‘What I achieved, you will too and still greater things!’
‘Be My imitators!’

The Rosicrucians believe that the inner reality of Christianity is still to be discovered.
Like their Cathar predecessors, they work in the world in order to bear witness of that universal religion, away from dogma, fanaticism and delusion.

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