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The Grail! Is It Only a Symbol?

Here is what Gadal answers:

‘The Grail, the Blood of Jesus, symbolises purity, perfection.
The path of the Holy Grail is the everyday work to avoid evil, to remain in the Good; it is the symbol that should guide us in all our efforts to follow the path.

It has often been said that the Grail was a material symbol of the Christian faith!
But that is not in accordance with the wisdom of the Pyrenean Cathars, since they rejected all material symbols, limiting themselves to the simplest forms of worship.
Wearing no weapons, the Cathars could not be the keepers, the defenders of material relics containing the “Blood of Christ”. The letter kills, the Spirit vivifies!

The word “symbol” should be understood in its esoteric sense. It cannot come to anyone’s mind that the blood of Jesus could have been preserved for centuries.’

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