Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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 Who Is Antonin Gadal?  
 The Source  
 The Doctrine  
 Pyrenean Catharism  
   The First Origins  
   Dositheus and the Dositheans  
   Simon Magus  
   The Great River of the Spirit  
   A Christian Mystery  
   Who Is Christ?  
   The Gospels  
   Cathar Christianity  
   Specificity of Pyrenean Catharism  
   A Transcendant Christianity  
   Inspiration from Alexandria  
   Two Spiritual Streams Meet  
   The Paraclete, the Consoler  
   A 'Paracletian' Church  
   A Religion of the Spirit  
   The Great Revolution of the Gnosis  
 The Catharism and Its Origins  
 The Mystery of the Caves  
 The Grail in the Pyrenees  
 Grail, Cathars and Rosycross  
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The Great River of the Spirit

Ever since the dawn of time, those who transmit wisdom, Gnosis, have encouraged mankind to discover that there exist a path of return to the original perfection and that a great and mysterious process leads to real life, the life of the spirit-soul man.

Actually, from Rama the archdruid to Hermes Trismegistus, from Hermes to Pythagoras, from Pythagoras to Virgil, and from Virgil to Dante, flows the same timeless spiritual stream. The Celts and Pythagoreans were brothers. Druidism and Christianity complete one another and it is not just by mere chance! The essence of the druidic doctrine is Christian in its purest sense, thought elaborated before Christ.

'What we call the Christian religion today has never ceased to exist ever since the origin of humankind' (Augustine).

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