Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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 Who Is Antonin Gadal?  
 The Source  
 The Doctrine  
 Pyrenean Catharism  
 The Catharism and Its Origins  
 The Mystery of the Caves  
 The Grail in the Pyrenees  
 Grail, Cathars and Rosycross  
   The Connecting Link  
   The Golden Thread  
   Eternal Love Cannot Perish!  
   Threefold Alliance of the Light  
   A Magical Synthesis  
   The Ever-Renewed Quest  
   The Golden Rosycross  
   The Legendary Treasure  
   Material and Immaterial Treasure  
   A New Kingdom  
   Catharism: a High Spirituality  
   The Light Shines Again!  
   The Elder Brothers  
   The Galaad Monument  
   Conquering the Light  
   The Mysteries are Revealed  
   Ancient and Christian Mysteries  
   Gnosis and Initiation  
   Christian Rosycross  
   Final Redemption  
 Interesting Links  
The Light Shines Again!

As early as the twelfth century, herds of fanatics from the outer church attempted to destroy the inner church.

But a seed has been hidden in the earth, in men’s hearts, in the heart of the Middle Ages, an alchemical ferment. It printed in the ether of the world a light trail, a sublime universal idea, like a scintillating star in the firmament of mankind.

Centuries go by, the cosmic and spiritual conditions change… and, one day, the path leading to the ‘treasure hidden in the field’ can be cleared again….
The seed of Light in man’s heart then awakens and grows.

Each period generates its awakening forces and arouses, among men, its ‘Heroes of the Spirit’, its pioneers of mankind. The latter without cease endeavour to awaken men and to open for them new paths, along which the rebirth of the immortal being can be celebrated in the ones who long for it.

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