Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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The Martyrs' Ashes

Ever since Marcos and Priscillian, the first ‘sowers’ of the Gnosis, the path of messianism has always been the same. Marked by places where stakes have inspired many brotherhoods, it is represented by the sites where the Spirit starts blowing again as in the old days.

Huge necropolis of the Churches of Sabarthez;
Immense stakes of the ‘camp des Crémats’ (field of the burnt) at Montségur;

Massacre of Béziers; the ‘blazes’ of Minerve, of Lavaur, then Toulouse, Orléans; Mount Wimer, Vézelay, the forests of Poitou, of the Mans, of Broceliande; Erigen and Gerard in England!
Then Anvers, Lombardy, the Bogomils,
Cologne (Köln), Aachen, Goslar.

Imperial path of the Spirit, sprayed with the blood of the Faithful to Love, piously covered ‘del Cendrum des Martyrs’, with the ashes of the stakes.

O Pilgrims of the God of Love! Impossible to be wrong when taking the path of the Holy Grail, sublime way to perfection, that the divine Master himself had already bathed with his precious blood.

Glorious old paths! Land burnt by hatred. Regions forgotten under blood and fire.
After seven hundred years,
The laurel grows green again
On the Martyrs’ ashes.

Gnosis, messianism, pray for the God of Love to hasten his reign.

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