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Grail, Cathars and Rosycross: The Mysteries are Revealed

Gadal wrote:

The Golgotha event is the last episode of the life of Christ, the seal affixed on his mission, and from there, the most profound Mystery of Christianity.

In spite of the agony of the rending, he is and remains the Messiah. He forgives his tormentors; He consoles the thief who has kept his faith….

To drink his chalice, he must come to this feeling of final solitude that will make him say:

“Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” Jesus is dead. His body hanging on the cross is all that is left of him physically, but in the astral and spiritual planes, there was a “flash of lightning” followed by a thunderbolt.

In a split second, the soul of Christ has joined his solar aura. And in the temple of Herod, the magnificent veil concealing the tabernacle, is torn from top to bottom at the same moment that Jesus expired. In the sanctuary, the golden Ark adorned with solid golden cherubs, is now opened to the eyes of the lay people while before the great Priest himself could enter into it only once a year. How profound is the meaning of this sign!

The image of the cherubs with a lion’s heart, eagle’s wings and angel’s head, is similar to that of the Sphinx. It symbolizes the entire evolution of the human soul; its descent into flesh and its return to the Spirit. Thanks to the Christ, the veils of the temple have been torn asunder and the riddle of the Sphinx has been resolved.

From now on, the Mystery of Life and Evolution is open to everyone who dares and is willing.'

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