Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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The New Vesture – The Star of Bethlehem

The new Perfect was given a ‘new vesture’, the sign that his old state of being, born of this nature, bad been abandoned. Another name given to the Cathar priests was: ‘the clothed again’.
Clothed with the ‘New Man’, the Perfect Ones had to return to the world to work, among men, in the service of the Light.

In pairs, spreading the ‘good word’ and healing, they accomplished the twofold mission of Christianity:
Serve God and save human souls.

The Star of Bethlehem
The pentacle or pentagram was for the Manicheans, then the Cathars, the symbol of the True Man, the Spirit-Soul-Man.

The reborn soul shines in the body through five points: the head, the two hands and the two feet. When those points are linked together, a fivefold star appears, the ‘Sign of the Son of Man’.

This shining fivefold star forms around the initiated a Light garment: the ‘Golden Wedding Garment’.

In the cave of Bethlehem, at Ornolac, the future Perfect was placed, as we have seen before, in the pentagon as a sign that the eternal soul was alive again in him.

The Consolamentum, the baptism of the Spirit, freed him from any material corruption and introduced him to the priesthood.

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