Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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The Same Branch

The main route of those spiritual movements goes through Iberia (Spain), through the Pyrenees and Andorra; they reach the Sabarthez (high Ariège) with their 52 caves and caverns which will soon shelter believers and outlaws and will be used as initiation centres by the ‘Perfect ones, the Pure ones or Good Men’, the Cathar priests.

The ancient druidic circles, which the Celts who mingled with the Iberians and were called Celtiberians had installed on the Pyrenean plateaus, welcomed the first Gnostic apostles.

That is why each high perched plateau of the Sabarthes has seen the birth of a great family born of the same branch of the Spirit: Cathars in the Ariège valley, Rosicrucians in the Sem valley, and later Templars of the Holy Grail in the Vic-des-Sos valley and the castle of Montréal-de-Sos.

The three churches of initiation of the Perfect Ones – Ussat-Ornolac, Bouan and Lombrives, the Cathedral of the Albigensians – still open their huge galleries to the visitors filled with admiration.

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