Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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The Source of Antonin Gadal's Teaching

If we often hear the words: Catharism, Grail, Gnostics, Brotherhood of Love, Templars, Rosycross, it is because there is a secret link between them that must be progressively brought to light. And this in order to discover to which reality it is connecting us and what should be accomplished.

Gadal once said:
‘Amidst an enormous amount of old papers – as erronous one from another – about “these poor Cathars” – so rich in Spirit! – I wanted to part with my long silent work in order to restate this question.

Doctrine, Gnosis, Pyrenean Grail, Druidism, the Sabarthes, a little history, the Inquisition tribunal of Pamiers, all presented that beautiful Kingdom of Love, which provoked the bloody hatred of the corrupted clergy of the Middle Ages and which Rome annihilated with a pitiless hand.

It is not a call for hatred or revenge, as I have often written or repeated. We cannot be a Cathar if we are not able to forgive: “God is Love!”… It is the summary of that “path of the Holy Grail”, so beautiful, so long and so difficult, which leads to the sanctification in Christ, goal of any initiation, supreme way to Goodness, Beauty and Love.

What does matter are the sources, not the numerous councils held by Rome to fight ideas or men who would not submit to “dogma and to a faith without insight”.’

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