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The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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   Catharism: a High Spirituality  
   The Light Shines Again!  
   The Elder Brothers  
   The Galaad Monument  
   Conquering the Light  
   The Mysteries are Revealed  
   Ancient and Christian Mysteries  
   Gnosis and Initiation  
   Christian Rosycross  
   Final Redemption  
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The Threefold Alliance of the Light

In the Western world, the threefold Alliance of the Light always existed: Grail, Cathars and Rosicrucians – the threefold manifestation of the divine force in the service of mankind.

- In the Middle Ages, the Cathar Brotherhood of Love embodied the true inner Christianity in Europe.
In 1167, in a castle near Albi, the Bogomil patriarch Nicetas from Bulgaria came to organize the Cathar priesthood.

He entrusted the mystery seal of the ‘Seven Churches of Asia’ to the Cathar Perfect Ones with the mission to teach the Christian mysteries in Europe. The Cathars will give testimony of these mysteries, by teaching, by the example of their lives, by their acts.

- The knights of the Grail protect the access to the mysteries. They keep, under the symbol of the Grail, the Christian path of initiation open: esoteric Christianity.

- The Rosycross radiates its helping forces in the background and awaits the time of its manifestation.

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