Antonin Gadal
The Work of a Man Inspired by the Spirit
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   What Is God?  
   Two Gods or Two Principles?  
   And the Birth in Bethlehem?  
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   Who Is Lucibel?  
   Will All Spirits Be Saved?  
   And What about Satan?  
   Who Is Our Patriarch?  
   Those Who Came Before Us  
 Pyrenean Catharism  
 The Catharism and Its Origins  
 The Mystery of the Caves  
 The Grail in the Pyrenees  
 Grail, Cathars and Rosycross  
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Who Is Our Patriarch?

It is John, son of Zebedee. John, Jesus’ Beloved who rests on his heart and knows all the mysteries of that divine heart. The virgin apostle of Love, the Eagle of the mystical theology, the prophet of Patmos, Plato of the Gospel, Homer of the Apocalypse.

He is no pontiff in the Church of the Paraclete, but simply a Master of the Gnosis.
His Gospel is called ‘the Spiritual Gospel’ of the Redeeming Word.

‘In the beginning is the Word’ who is God, Life, the Light of men: everyone is linked to his lost divine original sonship.

‘And the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not receive It’:
within us and in the world, reign two opposed nature orders.

‘To those who receive It, It gives the power to become children of God’: deliverance is an absolute fact.

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